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Ello! My name is Dominique, and I'm just your average girl who likes to take on everything and can never resist a good challenge. I'm a Pi Beta Phi angel and I couldn't be more proud of that, I love all my sisters far and near! I live in a small town and go to a big school. I'm a student at Ball State University in the Advertising department! I graduated High School in 2013 and I'll be done with college in 2016. If you did the math right that's only three years of college, like I said I love a good challenge. After college I'll be attending a one year graduate program in Michigan and then I'll be home free to move to those warm states I always dream off.

I'm a strong believer in human and animal rights, and I can rant forever about them (you'll realize that soon enough).  As well as a strong believer in the Libertarian party. I was once literally addicted to Diet Coke and it's been a long three years since it's touched my lips and I opted for Coke Zero which you can always find in my hands. I'm avid Lilly Pulitzer fan, you'll always see me with something of  hers because it's so irresistible. I'm also a mommy, and NO not to a child, to a beautiful Teacup Yorkie who I call Teagle. She's my angel and a spoiled rotten little puppy and she knows it.

I have angels in Heaven just like everyone else and a huge family down here who I love spending my time with. I can never get enough stuff from Hobby Lobby and you'll always see an unfinished craft in my room because I'm always in the middle of one. I'm in love with snow but I wish it was warmer when it did snow. I danced for seventeen years and retired due to R.A. which hit pretty hard last year. My mother owns a dance studio and I've taught there for a solid six years. I love capturing pictures and doing anything that lets me use my creativity. I'm not sure what i'm meant to do with my life yet, but I know who i'm going to spend it with and his name is Matt!

Well i'm sure more about me will eventually be known with my posts, because I tend to write with my feelings! Until then thanks for stopping by! PPL&M.

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