Saturday, December 21, 2013


I get most of my baking Ideas for the Holiday's from my favorite site (Pinterest). I go a little overboard organizing my boards (you can find my profile here). Here's some of my favorite pins I've seen this year for the holiday season! I'll be posting some of my personal Holiday creations later this week!
Holiday pizza! This one's perfect because you can eat it the whole month of December and it's not the most difficult thing you can make. Lots of compliments are sure to be made about this cute pizza idea!
Ice skating penguin cookies are to die for! You can find the tutorial for them here! I'm attempting these this Holiday season, and I'm excited to show them off at Christmas parties, they're just too cute.
Reindeer treats are a new take on a regular Holiday treat! I always get these without the antlers, so why not spend a little more time and make them adorable?! 

Christmas tree Rice Krispy treats look very intricate but they're not! Here's a tutorial on how to make them. I really like the way these are set up and how it looks like the tree farm has just gotten a light snow. This is my favorite Holiday pin that I've came across this season!
These cookies are adorable! The decoration skill level looks high, but if you have the patience and skill to attempt these I would. 
A healthy Holiday treat is never the wrong treat, especially if it's cute like this! These snowmen are simple and might get those picky children to try something new!

Watermelon snowman, this is another cute healthy Holiday treat! I really like this one because I'm a huge fan of the watermelon creations, and this one looks like it could be a beginner level!
There's no better way to end a blog post than with cookies. When you can virtually send cookies through the screen and eat them I'll be sure to send some your way!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Perfect Greek Decal Find

Looking for more ways to show off your Greek pride? Look no further! thediyprincess on Etsy is the perfect shop to get that Greek decal you've been dreaming of! You can put them on laptop(s) and your car among many other things! I'm a very happy customer from the thediyprincess and I couldn't be happier with the items I've purchased from her shop. She did a Custom Greek Decal from her shop just for me! I love seeing the apple on my laptop light up and she made a decal that accented the apple on my laptop. Below you can find some of her items!
Above is an example of her Greek Decal with Writing which typically is used on cars! I ordered mine a few weeks ago and she happily worked with me to customize mine and make sure I loved it!

Above is the decal I ordered and I'm counting down the days till I find it in the mail! I'm so excited to show off my Greek Spirit while driving, did I mention it's my favorite print?! 

As you can see she even has added the new Alpha Chi Omega print to her shop, which I also love, this is her Lilly Pulitzer Greek Decal and this is what's on my laptop! This is available in all the Lilly prints, I highly recommend this item to anyone!
Above is the my custom Lilly Pulitzer Greek Decal that she worked with me on, and NO she didn't charge extra!

She also has non-Greek items as you can see with her Custom Lilly Pulitzer Monogram! I just ordered one myself! I'd highly recommend these items and this shop on Etsy! She always is willing to work with you and creates top quality items! Don't forget to check out her shop here!

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Girls in Greek life are always looking for ways to show their Greek spirit. You can wear your letters but what are other ways to show your Greek spirit?! Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite answer, and no you can NEVER HAVE TML (Too Much Lilly)!!!

Above is my Lilly collection! After learning that the Pi Beta Phi print was dwindling I went crazy buying Lilly. My favorite item would be between my Original Tote and my Tusk In the Sun large agenda. My tote can hold all of my daily school needs (yes even my laptop) and double as a purse afterwards! My agenda is cute and always gets compliments, I actually want to stay organized now because I get to look at my cute agenda.

Lilly Pulitzer Finds
Lilly is my favorite way to show my Greek spirit! What's more fun that caring a bag around that looks sophisticated and shows off your Greek spirit? NOTHING! Some Lilly bags are hard to find but I've found some sites that you can still purchase "The Original Tote" and the "Sparkle Tote"! 

1. Swoozies you can find them here! I like this site, but shipping can be quite expensive, also not all sororities can be found here. 

2. Sassy Sorority you can find this site here! This site doesn't have the totes, but if you can't find your dry erase board, make-up case, or cup anywhere else it's a great site! Plus FREE shipping! 

3. eBay, you can find the search I made here! I like eBay because you can typically get free shipping and a lower price!

4. The actually Lilly site can be found here! Not all sorority items are in stock, but all of the collections have something in their print left.

You can find many other Lilly providers by just doing a Google search!


I contacted the company and they're not remaking the "Sparkle Tote" or the "Original Tote", unless your sorority is a new print (I.e. Alpha Chi Omega), SO GRAB WHAT YOU CAN! As the Lilly sorority supply dwindle the prices will sky rocket!

                                                        Until next time,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fashionable Feet

People need to indulge in winter boots, because most boots look tacky in the summer. Here's a few boot suggestions to keep your feet fashionable!

                                              The Perfect Rain Boot

I love Hunters because you can wear them all year long! They can be pricey, but they last forever. You can buy a cheap pair of rain boots but you'll find yourself replacing them along with having uncomfortable feet. The Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot is perfect because it protects your pants from the snow and rain as well! Some winter boots aren't water proof which makes rain boots a genius Christmas present! I'd suggest getting these before going to College, they're really practical! These have the price tag of $140 and come in plain and vibrant colors, you can find them here!

The UGG Boot

I love UGGS! People call them "uggly" but then you find them wearing the knock off K-Mart and Walmart versions, which is really confusing. You can't hate UGG's, especially if you own a pair. I personally love my UGG's. They last forever, I've had one pair since the 6th grade (my feet haven't grown) and they're still fully functional. If you buy a cheap pair (around 30 dollars) you're going to have to replace them! With the price your paying for the boots that fall apart you could let your feet walk on heaven! You can dress them up or dress them down, and you'll fall in love with them as soon as you slip your feet into them! You can find the Women's UGG boot collection here. If you get ones that are not waterproof don't wear them in the snow until you protect them with the water repellent which you can find in this kit! If your worried about wearing sheep skin you can find synthetic look a-likes from a company called Neuaura here.

Tom's Boots

These boots are so stylish! I love buying Tom's because they always give a pair to a child in another country when you buy a pair. It's such a wonderful reason to buy shoes. You can find Tom's and more colors and options here!

Dr. Martens

I've never seen such a high quality boot in my life. I own a pair similar to the second picture (the black pair) and they are life savers. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with leggings, you can wear them with just about anything! Dr. Martens can be expensive, but like UGG's they last forever! You can check them out here!

There are many brands of boots out there, but these are typically my favorite brands! 

            Until next time, 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A-List Greek Give Away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Hey lovey's! There's an A-List give away I'm hosting and you can find it at this link, check it out! A-List is my favorite sorority jewelry company and you can win one of these! If you don't win the give away remember I'm a campus representative for A-List and you can use the coupon code "dominique" for TEN percent off along with free shipping!
                                                                 Happy Holidays!

What If We Switched Places?

What If We Switched Places?

This video was hilarious! It made me start thinking about if things were switched. What if guys did all the Christmas shopping and women were aloud to sit around so they didn't miss the games, or what if we were just switched what we typically do in general. I'd love switching roles and sitting on the couch.

Good People Are Still Exist..

I've always been adamant about not using the "R" word. A few people that know I don't like the word say it around me just to bother me. I've been blessed to have little people in my life who are special, and truly they are one of a kind. Always hugging you and always caring, there's nothing better in the world. This video really touched me, and I figured it'd touch you as well!

                                                                See you soon,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finding The Perfect Letters

Going through recruitment this year I was so excited to find my home and wearing my letters proudly around campus! I wasn't quite sure what Lilly Pulitzer was until Pinterest introduced me to her. I knew Pi Beta Phi was my home before I got my bid. I never would've thought I'd be the girl crying at second or preference rounds but I was that girl. I met Dori, not only my doppelganger but my soon to be BIG! EPPPPPP! SO EXCITING!!!!! I cried after our first conversation because I hadn't felt a connection like that during all of recruitment. That can be a scary thing, because it's a big decision and I worried all week that I might make the wrong decision. There's just this moment however that you'll know. The night before I got my big I had a cart full of Pi Phi stuff waiting for me to order the next day! However I couldn't find the perfect letters. By chance I googled "Lilly Pulitzer Greek Letters" and the website popped up! It was by far the answer to all my prayers in finding the right letters. I highly recommend checking it out, it can get a bit pricey if your letters are cashmere like the ones below but it's so worth it!
I got the classic fit crewneck because you can never have enough of those in a maroon color, you can customize your own here. I wear mine all the time, and get compliments constantly! There's no better way to show your Greek spirit that with a little Lilly!

                                                                      Greek Love,

Add Some Sparkle to Your Life


I have a glitter obsession, literally anything I can get my hands on I glitter. Some say it's a problem, however I feel like it can brighten up any dull day. With a little Mod Podge and whichever color glitter you choose you can glitter almost anything in no time. No more paying big bucks for those cute glittered phone cases or items, YOU CAN MAKE THEM YOURSELF! However there is one problem. You will find glitter everywhere. In your hair, on your floor, on your clothes, and even unmentionable places! Even if you're careful it gets everywhere.
All you'll need is Mod Podge (I prefer the gloss-lustre), and some glitter!
Mod Podge can be found at most craft stores (I.e. Hobby Lobby) which means you can get it at a cheaper price that the typical $7.99! Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics always seems to have those 40% off coupons which become a must have for those craft shopping hauls!
                                          Here's what the finished product will look like!
                     Now about the Mod Podge! The Hobby Lobby coupon will look like this..
                    (Hint: Click Hobby Lobby)
This coupon only works if the item isn't on sale, however it usually isn't and if it is it's around 50% off! These coupons can be used all around the store and they ALWAYS HAVE THEM! Don't waste your money!
Here's the supplies I recommend..
The glossy Mod Podge works best with glitter, and I prefer the Glitter brand of glitter (that sounds funny). The pink glitter shown in the tube doesn't work as well, so I wouldn't recommend it! Get a brush you don't mind ruining as well, and a piece of card board to put down..we don't want glitter everywhere. 

Finally The Instructions

First get the surface you want to glitterize. 
Second make sure you have the surface ready, and put a layer of Mod Podge on it! You need to do this so the glitter can stick to the surface. If you just put the glitter on it and Mod Podge over it, it will look crappy! 
Third after the glitter has had about twenty minutes to dry you can dip your brush into the Mod Podge and cover every nook and cranny that the glitter is located. It's okay if the Mod Podge made the item look white, it will dry to be clear and shiny and that glitter won't get all over!
Last I prefer doing a second coat after the first has dried just to play it safe and make sure I covered everything!
Congratulations now you can glitterize anything!
This one is sloppy, you can trim the edges because typically it won't be perfect with things like an outlet cover! This outlet cover has be glittered for two years and it looks brand new, even though the purple plug in part has been chipped the glitter is solid! 

Until next time, 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Cupcakes?

This past summer I got really into baking cupcakes! Mainly just with boxed cupcake mixes, to make it some-what easy, and then I decorated them. Sometimes elaborate, sometimes just normal but hey I was getting better! Here's a few of my creations with instructions on how to make them!

The Inception Cupcake!
This cupcake was my all-time favorite to make. You can make this cupcake with many variations. 
I bought these items from the store:
Betty Crocker- Super Moist chocolate & red velvet cake mix
Mini Reese's Cups (bag form)
Maraschino Cherries
Reece Peanut Butter cone coating
I already had these items:
Cupcake liners
Circle rainbow sprinkles
***I made the icing*** 
 I baked the cupcakes in the oven as the instructions on the box stated and let them cool before I iced them. I then used my homemade icing with a big round tip and iced them. Before you put the cone coating over the icing I'd strongly suggest putting paper towel (two layers at the least) or tin foil under the cupcakes! The cone coating is messy and drips all over the counter making a huge dried up mess if you don't (I learned from experience). After I did that I drizzled my cone coating from the top of the cupcake (two times if necessary). I quickly sprinkled the sprinkles so they dried in the cone coating as well! After that I stuck my mini Reece Cup on top and iced it as well! Nothing is better than a cherry and sprinkles on top, however not everyone likes the taste of them so I'd alternate each cupcake with the cherry option. 
Variation: You can bake mini cupcakes and put them on top as another option! I did both when I made these. The Reece Cup option just looks more clean cut.

Minion Cupcake
This cupcake is very simple! 
Eye Candy 
Brown long sprinkles
Black tubed icing
Blue food dye
Betty Crocker- Super Moist vanilla cake mix
Cupcake liners
This cupcake was a huge hit. I baked the cupcakes as the box stated and while they were in the oven I dyed the icing blue. After the timer went off I let the cupcakes cool, while they were cooling I cut the Twinkies in half. I attempted decorating the Twinkies when they weren't on the cupcake but I wouldn't recommend that (so many smashed Twinkies). I ice the cupcakes with a knife, I wouldn't suggest to much Icing because then the Twinkies can fall off, and stuck the Twinkies on top. While the Twinkies were on the cupcake I then used some of the blue icing to put the eye's on and used the black tubed icing for the goggles and mouths! Don't make them all happy, you can make silly faces too! After that I finished them with the final touch of their hair with the brown sprinkles. You can put any amount on each one, I'd alternate though because no one wants their minions to look alike! Finally a finished product!

The Hippo Cupcake 
This cupcake was elaborate on the decorating! I used fondant, which tastes gross but looks amazing. I bought the fondant white and I'd recommend buying the color you plan on your fondant being on the finished product because as you can tell fondant doesn't take very well to dye's! I baked and iced these cupcakes normally and did the fondant by hand and with the help of a tooth pick. I'd recommend wearing gloves while working with dyed fondant, because the color will stay on your hands for quite some time if you don't! I dipped my toothpick into black food dye and then stuck it into the fondant for the eyes, just be careful because as you can see with this example the black can get everywhere. The shape of the hippo was very simple, oval with another oval, and then shape them when you connect the two. The white bow was my favorite accent to this cupcake because it made it cute and girly! This cupcake took a lot of time to decorate so I'd recommend baking the cupcakes one day and decorating the next!

Until next time!