Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finding The Perfect Letters

Going through recruitment this year I was so excited to find my home and wearing my letters proudly around campus! I wasn't quite sure what Lilly Pulitzer was until Pinterest introduced me to her. I knew Pi Beta Phi was my home before I got my bid. I never would've thought I'd be the girl crying at second or preference rounds but I was that girl. I met Dori, not only my doppelganger but my soon to be BIG! EPPPPPP! SO EXCITING!!!!! I cried after our first conversation because I hadn't felt a connection like that during all of recruitment. That can be a scary thing, because it's a big decision and I worried all week that I might make the wrong decision. There's just this moment however that you'll know. The night before I got my big I had a cart full of Pi Phi stuff waiting for me to order the next day! However I couldn't find the perfect letters. By chance I googled "Lilly Pulitzer Greek Letters" and the website popped up! It was by far the answer to all my prayers in finding the right letters. I highly recommend checking it out, it can get a bit pricey if your letters are cashmere like the ones below but it's so worth it!
I got the classic fit crewneck because you can never have enough of those in a maroon color, you can customize your own here. I wear mine all the time, and get compliments constantly! There's no better way to show your Greek spirit that with a little Lilly!

                                                                      Greek Love,

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