Friday, December 20, 2013

The Perfect Greek Decal Find

Looking for more ways to show off your Greek pride? Look no further! thediyprincess on Etsy is the perfect shop to get that Greek decal you've been dreaming of! You can put them on laptop(s) and your car among many other things! I'm a very happy customer from the thediyprincess and I couldn't be happier with the items I've purchased from her shop. She did a Custom Greek Decal from her shop just for me! I love seeing the apple on my laptop light up and she made a decal that accented the apple on my laptop. Below you can find some of her items!
Above is an example of her Greek Decal with Writing which typically is used on cars! I ordered mine a few weeks ago and she happily worked with me to customize mine and make sure I loved it!

Above is the decal I ordered and I'm counting down the days till I find it in the mail! I'm so excited to show off my Greek Spirit while driving, did I mention it's my favorite print?! 

As you can see she even has added the new Alpha Chi Omega print to her shop, which I also love, this is her Lilly Pulitzer Greek Decal and this is what's on my laptop! This is available in all the Lilly prints, I highly recommend this item to anyone!
Above is the my custom Lilly Pulitzer Greek Decal that she worked with me on, and NO she didn't charge extra!

She also has non-Greek items as you can see with her Custom Lilly Pulitzer Monogram! I just ordered one myself! I'd highly recommend these items and this shop on Etsy! She always is willing to work with you and creates top quality items! Don't forget to check out her shop here!

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