Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Doesn't Like Cupcakes?

This past summer I got really into baking cupcakes! Mainly just with boxed cupcake mixes, to make it some-what easy, and then I decorated them. Sometimes elaborate, sometimes just normal but hey I was getting better! Here's a few of my creations with instructions on how to make them!

The Inception Cupcake!
This cupcake was my all-time favorite to make. You can make this cupcake with many variations. 
I bought these items from the store:
Betty Crocker- Super Moist chocolate & red velvet cake mix
Mini Reese's Cups (bag form)
Maraschino Cherries
Reece Peanut Butter cone coating
I already had these items:
Cupcake liners
Circle rainbow sprinkles
***I made the icing*** 
 I baked the cupcakes in the oven as the instructions on the box stated and let them cool before I iced them. I then used my homemade icing with a big round tip and iced them. Before you put the cone coating over the icing I'd strongly suggest putting paper towel (two layers at the least) or tin foil under the cupcakes! The cone coating is messy and drips all over the counter making a huge dried up mess if you don't (I learned from experience). After I did that I drizzled my cone coating from the top of the cupcake (two times if necessary). I quickly sprinkled the sprinkles so they dried in the cone coating as well! After that I stuck my mini Reece Cup on top and iced it as well! Nothing is better than a cherry and sprinkles on top, however not everyone likes the taste of them so I'd alternate each cupcake with the cherry option. 
Variation: You can bake mini cupcakes and put them on top as another option! I did both when I made these. The Reece Cup option just looks more clean cut.

Minion Cupcake
This cupcake is very simple! 
Eye Candy 
Brown long sprinkles
Black tubed icing
Blue food dye
Betty Crocker- Super Moist vanilla cake mix
Cupcake liners
This cupcake was a huge hit. I baked the cupcakes as the box stated and while they were in the oven I dyed the icing blue. After the timer went off I let the cupcakes cool, while they were cooling I cut the Twinkies in half. I attempted decorating the Twinkies when they weren't on the cupcake but I wouldn't recommend that (so many smashed Twinkies). I ice the cupcakes with a knife, I wouldn't suggest to much Icing because then the Twinkies can fall off, and stuck the Twinkies on top. While the Twinkies were on the cupcake I then used some of the blue icing to put the eye's on and used the black tubed icing for the goggles and mouths! Don't make them all happy, you can make silly faces too! After that I finished them with the final touch of their hair with the brown sprinkles. You can put any amount on each one, I'd alternate though because no one wants their minions to look alike! Finally a finished product!

The Hippo Cupcake 
This cupcake was elaborate on the decorating! I used fondant, which tastes gross but looks amazing. I bought the fondant white and I'd recommend buying the color you plan on your fondant being on the finished product because as you can tell fondant doesn't take very well to dye's! I baked and iced these cupcakes normally and did the fondant by hand and with the help of a tooth pick. I'd recommend wearing gloves while working with dyed fondant, because the color will stay on your hands for quite some time if you don't! I dipped my toothpick into black food dye and then stuck it into the fondant for the eyes, just be careful because as you can see with this example the black can get everywhere. The shape of the hippo was very simple, oval with another oval, and then shape them when you connect the two. The white bow was my favorite accent to this cupcake because it made it cute and girly! This cupcake took a lot of time to decorate so I'd recommend baking the cupcakes one day and decorating the next!

Until next time!

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