Saturday, December 21, 2013


I get most of my baking Ideas for the Holiday's from my favorite site (Pinterest). I go a little overboard organizing my boards (you can find my profile here). Here's some of my favorite pins I've seen this year for the holiday season! I'll be posting some of my personal Holiday creations later this week!
Holiday pizza! This one's perfect because you can eat it the whole month of December and it's not the most difficult thing you can make. Lots of compliments are sure to be made about this cute pizza idea!
Ice skating penguin cookies are to die for! You can find the tutorial for them here! I'm attempting these this Holiday season, and I'm excited to show them off at Christmas parties, they're just too cute.
Reindeer treats are a new take on a regular Holiday treat! I always get these without the antlers, so why not spend a little more time and make them adorable?! 

Christmas tree Rice Krispy treats look very intricate but they're not! Here's a tutorial on how to make them. I really like the way these are set up and how it looks like the tree farm has just gotten a light snow. This is my favorite Holiday pin that I've came across this season!
These cookies are adorable! The decoration skill level looks high, but if you have the patience and skill to attempt these I would. 
A healthy Holiday treat is never the wrong treat, especially if it's cute like this! These snowmen are simple and might get those picky children to try something new!

Watermelon snowman, this is another cute healthy Holiday treat! I really like this one because I'm a huge fan of the watermelon creations, and this one looks like it could be a beginner level!
There's no better way to end a blog post than with cookies. When you can virtually send cookies through the screen and eat them I'll be sure to send some your way!
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