Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seven Days Of Love

I was going on vacation and realized how much I'd miss my boyfriend, so I started thinking of ideas to remind him every day how much I loved and missed him. I wrote little notes in each little compartment and filled it with candy. For example on the last day I wrote "I get to see you tomorrow, can't wait to be in your arms xoxo" and on Monday on I wrote "Top Gear's on today, can't wait to watch it with you next week". This idea is really easy, and really gets the job done of showing you miss your significant other and love them. If a guy did this, I'm sure he'd get extra brownie points as well, because some (not all) guys typically don't think outside of the box on how to show affection to his woman. I put the pill box in a see through baggie with Angry Birds hand sanitizer, and all of his favorite candy. This idea is sure to impress anyone, and all you need is candy and a week pill box; I bought mine at a street fair for only a dollar and to top if off it was PINK!

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