Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Bundt Cake

This Christmas I came across a cool bundt cake on Pinterest and decided to give it my own twist! Looking for that perfect Holiday dessert that doesn't take hours to complete? Looking for that signature desert? Look no further you found it, I'll show you how I made my Christmas themed bundt cakes!
Here's what the finished product looks like!

First gather your basic baking supplies! I bought my bundt cake pan from my local K-mart for 9 dollars which was a steal!

You will need:
Cake Mix
What the cake mix calls for
Food Coloring (whichever colors you choose I used red and green)
A bundt pan
metal bowls
Sprinkles (If desired- but recommended)

     I highly recommend EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for baking, I always use it!
 Mix up your cake mix with the recommended ingredients! I love using my Kitchen Aide. 

I used both regular and gel food coloring, I prefer the red in gel form! You can find it at local places or big corporation stores such as Meijer. 
 SEPARATE THE CAKE MIX INTO BOWLS DEPENDING ON HOW MANY COLORS YOU WANT TO USE. For example I used two bowls because my cake mix was red and green! I also used my Kitchen Aide bowl though, because you HAVE TO KEEP WHITE CAKE MIX. You start the bundt cake with white cake mix and end it with white cake mix as well to hide the surprising colorful inside. 
 Here's my finished food colored cake mix! Spray the bundt pan with Pam now! If you forget spraying with Pam it will stick to the pan (IT HAPPENED TO ME) Pam worked better than anything else, I've tried other items for bundt cakes as well and they just don't work like Pam.
Put down WHITE CAKE MIX FIRST, and then you can create your inner design of the cake!
Here's what my design looked like! Layer the red and green and try to not let it touch the middle or the sides of the cake pan, because then you will be able to see the red and green and it won't be a surprise! 
Make sure you finish the cake with white cake mix on top, and make sure you leave enough white cake mix at the beginning so you have enough for this step! This was my first trial and I guesstimated under of what I needed. 

Bake your cake in the oven, my cake box said 28-32 minutes, I did 26 and stuck a tooth pick in it and it was ready!
Let your cake cool for about 5 minutes!

Now get a cookie sheet and lay it on a flat surface. Turn your bundt pan over so it's on the cookie sheet and your cake should slide right out!

This is my secret recipe to all my cupcakes and cakes, and it's not a recipe at all! Wrap the cake in cling wrap or anytime of aluminum foil and make sure air can't get in to the cake. Now keep the cake on the cookie sheet and slide it into the freezer. I freeze all of my cakes for 1-4 days and let them thaw out and they are the moistest cakes I've ever eaten! I'd definitely give this a try, and it helps the bundt shape stay solid for this particular cake! If you don't have time an hour of freezing can also help!
Take your cake out of the freezer and let it thaw (don't forget to take the wrapping off of it now)! Mine thawed for ten minutes and seemed to be completely thawed. 
Leave your cake on the cookie sheet because now we're get to the fun part! Take small cups, I preferred measuring cups because it pours much more smoothly from it's tip, and put icing in it! It doesn't have to be much icing at first either, because you can make more. Now comes the hard part.. decide what color you want to ice the cakes! My second one was wreath themed, so I chose a lime green and forest green food dye. Both of my cakes were Christmas themed so it just depends on what the baker wants! You are going to mix the dye in with the icing now (I just used a spoon in the cup it's simpler this way), DON'T COMBINE CUPS AND FOOD DYES : SEPARATE CUP FOR EACH COLOR! I put my icing in the microwave for fifteen seconds so it was nice and runny, which let me have the perfect drizzled effect on the cakes that I desired! It's all up to the baker! Now it's time to add sprinkles if you desire. I feel sprinkles really added to my cakes so I'd recommend them! Making this cake was really simple, and I'm contemplating making it my signature dish at parties, everyone needs one of those anyways! Now that you're finished icing and sprinkling your masterpiece moving the cake from the cookie sheet can look like a hard task but it's so easy! 
As you can see I removed my cake with two spatulas, it helps to move the spatulas around the underneath before you pick up the cake so it doesn't break! Make sure the container or dish you want to serve your cake on is near. Boom your cake is ready to eat and a beautiful desert for any Holiday party!
The first inside of my cake looked like this, but when you make this cake a few times you'll understand how and where to layer the cake mix for the best surprise on the inside! 

Until next time,

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