Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fashionable Feet

People need to indulge in winter boots, because most boots look tacky in the summer. Here's a few boot suggestions to keep your feet fashionable!

                                              The Perfect Rain Boot

I love Hunters because you can wear them all year long! They can be pricey, but they last forever. You can buy a cheap pair of rain boots but you'll find yourself replacing them along with having uncomfortable feet. The Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot is perfect because it protects your pants from the snow and rain as well! Some winter boots aren't water proof which makes rain boots a genius Christmas present! I'd suggest getting these before going to College, they're really practical! These have the price tag of $140 and come in plain and vibrant colors, you can find them here!

The UGG Boot

I love UGGS! People call them "uggly" but then you find them wearing the knock off K-Mart and Walmart versions, which is really confusing. You can't hate UGG's, especially if you own a pair. I personally love my UGG's. They last forever, I've had one pair since the 6th grade (my feet haven't grown) and they're still fully functional. If you buy a cheap pair (around 30 dollars) you're going to have to replace them! With the price your paying for the boots that fall apart you could let your feet walk on heaven! You can dress them up or dress them down, and you'll fall in love with them as soon as you slip your feet into them! You can find the Women's UGG boot collection here. If you get ones that are not waterproof don't wear them in the snow until you protect them with the water repellent which you can find in this kit! If your worried about wearing sheep skin you can find synthetic look a-likes from a company called Neuaura here.

Tom's Boots

These boots are so stylish! I love buying Tom's because they always give a pair to a child in another country when you buy a pair. It's such a wonderful reason to buy shoes. You can find Tom's and more colors and options here!

Dr. Martens

I've never seen such a high quality boot in my life. I own a pair similar to the second picture (the black pair) and they are life savers. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with leggings, you can wear them with just about anything! Dr. Martens can be expensive, but like UGG's they last forever! You can check them out here!

There are many brands of boots out there, but these are typically my favorite brands! 

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