Friday, December 20, 2013


Girls in Greek life are always looking for ways to show their Greek spirit. You can wear your letters but what are other ways to show your Greek spirit?! Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite answer, and no you can NEVER HAVE TML (Too Much Lilly)!!!

Above is my Lilly collection! After learning that the Pi Beta Phi print was dwindling I went crazy buying Lilly. My favorite item would be between my Original Tote and my Tusk In the Sun large agenda. My tote can hold all of my daily school needs (yes even my laptop) and double as a purse afterwards! My agenda is cute and always gets compliments, I actually want to stay organized now because I get to look at my cute agenda.

Lilly Pulitzer Finds
Lilly is my favorite way to show my Greek spirit! What's more fun that caring a bag around that looks sophisticated and shows off your Greek spirit? NOTHING! Some Lilly bags are hard to find but I've found some sites that you can still purchase "The Original Tote" and the "Sparkle Tote"! 

1. Swoozies you can find them here! I like this site, but shipping can be quite expensive, also not all sororities can be found here. 

2. Sassy Sorority you can find this site here! This site doesn't have the totes, but if you can't find your dry erase board, make-up case, or cup anywhere else it's a great site! Plus FREE shipping! 

3. eBay, you can find the search I made here! I like eBay because you can typically get free shipping and a lower price!

4. The actually Lilly site can be found here! Not all sorority items are in stock, but all of the collections have something in their print left.

You can find many other Lilly providers by just doing a Google search!


I contacted the company and they're not remaking the "Sparkle Tote" or the "Original Tote", unless your sorority is a new print (I.e. Alpha Chi Omega), SO GRAB WHAT YOU CAN! As the Lilly sorority supply dwindle the prices will sky rocket!

                                                        Until next time,

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